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Face Oil Remover

VALL is a face oil remover using volcanic stone balls. VALL is eco-friendly because it absorbs faster than existing oil paper and can be reused.
It is effective for skin massage by generating negative ions. Even with a built-in spare ball, it maintains its small size to present improved usability to women. 

Superkomma proceeded with naming, BI design, product design, and packaging design to maintain the consistent identity of VALL. The name of VALL was inspired by the core part, Conversion Stone, and the product was completed by applying

a geometric shape and a volcanic crater theme CMF. This project has been in progress for 10 months, and has created a consistent identity by responding flexibly to numerous variables.

- Borderless, Clear and wit







Work Scope

Strategic research

Concept & Identity

Naming / BI

Product design


Packaging design

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