Project / THERE BE

Client / THERE BE

Category / Exhibition

Scope / Graphic Design


A low and secret space in Geumho-dong that has preserved 35 years of history as a public bathhouse for 15 years and as a church for 20 years. 

Along with the three florists, artists of various personalities, including space, installation, music, video, photography, and graphics, gathered together. 

They exchange the inspiration they received from this mysterious space and build something ‘together’ in their own way.

We hope that the audience will encounter beauty they have never seen before in an unfamiliar place and that it will be a time for them to reflect on the meaning of existence wherever that place is. 

Working together to achieve good. there be.

In this exhibition, Superkomma played a role in expanding the audience's experience online through graphic design and motion design.

borderless, clear and wit

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