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Energy Storage Systems(ESS) has applications in power plants, power transmission and distribution facilities, homes, factories, and businesses. 

Through a system that coupled it with renewable energy, ESS can increase the efficiency of renewable energy and reduce electricity costs. 

It can be also used as backup power to minimize damages from power outages. 

When used in conjunction with solar panel installations at home, ESS stores electricity produced by solar panels during daytime to be used at nighttime.
Home battery is the optimal solution that can serve as an alternative energy source to reduce electricity costs and prepare for power outages. 

Installing ESS and solar power system together generates power independently, increasing the self-consumption of power at home and reducing the overall electricity cost. 

LG Energy Solution provides optimized products for home use under the brand "RESU."

This design allows you to stack or detach individual battery modules. The ventilation hole of the exterior is removed to show a high-quality design.
MIDNIGHT NAVY is a color that combines the stability of NAVY with the vitality of INDIGO.
This dark shade combines a new level of depth and refinement.
This MIDNIGHT NAVY color, reminiscent of a deep sea, a vast starry sky, was inspired by the mysterious atmosphere of a dark environment.

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