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UV Sterilizer

ooo is a simple UV sterilizer that starts in one module. It is a convenient device that can be mounted on various covers to sterilize in various places. It is a UV sterilizer that can be used conveniently not only in general places, but also in the bathroom and office.


Superkomma took a closer look at the anxiety people feel with covid-19. Sterilization is a kind of post-action, and each has its own space vulnerable to viruses. ooo becomes more versatile depending on which silicone cover is mounted. It can be attached to the wall through a magnet, or it can be attached to the toilet cover by attaching a silicone cover. Attaching to a cover such as a tumbler lid can also sanitize toothbrushes in the office.

- Borderless, Clear and wit







Work Scope

Strategic research

Concept & Identity

Naming / BI

Product design

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