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Category / Sports

Scope / Design


To all who love sports and music-

Athleisure around millennial generation have emerged as a trend, and a variety of sportswear that can be worn in everyday life are being released by breaking down the boundaries between sports and fashion.
Nike is at the heart of it. This phenomenon is a sign that consumers' focus has shifted from simple consumption to a healthy life.

Nike's relationship with street fashion is long overdue. Street fashion, loved by various hip-hop musicians, is already deeply located in high fashion. 

Appropriately applied to the relationship between sports and fashion, fashion and music, the headphones are conceptual designs.
We completed the iconic design by applying the air unit, which is like Nike's symbol, as an important part of the product. 

The shape of the swoosh followed by the heel cup of the sneakers was applied to the neckband of the headphones and the "elephant pattern" first unveiled in Air Jordan 3 was applied to the ear-contacting pads.
In addition, a triangular housing with ergonomic design completes a more comfortable design.

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