Project / Blender Bottle

Client / MIXCON

Category / Sports

Scope / Design


To all who love sports-

Mixcon is a sports bottle with a diamond-shaped structure, and is a blender with no separate parts. 

Because it is easy to clean, it can be used as a tumbler in everyday life.

Superkomma made a new attempt to create Mixcon's unique brand identity. 

Targeting passionate people who love sports and leisure, we named them "Hipster X", focusing on the way they love sports and the way they share them and social media. 

In fact, we took three sports, running, crossfit, and boxing, which are also sports enjoyed by members of Superkomma, and developed a story, functionality, and design under the theme of music that suits each. 

Mixcon branding was a project where experience and music were the biggest inspirations.

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