Project / Eco Clean

Client / Wooram

Category / Food Water Processing Machine

Scope / Design


Food waste is one of the most difficult problems for all of us. 

Wooram’s Eco Clean, a food waste disposal company, offers the most reliable solution. 

The treated material can be used as fertilizer by decomposing it through microorganisms. 

Most processors do not harmonize with the surrounding environment due to their boxy appearance and excessive colors, and their operation methods are also clunky. 

Wooram's early model also had the same problem and attempted a drastic transformation. 

Superkomma applied environmental design elements through colors that harmonize with the exterior wall colors of apartments, one of Korea's most representative residential environments, and increased ease of use by moving the control panel location. 

The new EcoClean is not a machine that people want to avoid, but a presence that naturally accompanies people's living environments.

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