Project / Water Purifier

Client / CONECTO

Category / Home Appliance

Scope / Design


We don't think the water purifier is white and should be made of plastic material.
And I don't want to define it as a product that only stays in the kitchen.

Made the same size as a bundle of A4 paper, it can be located anywhere in a complex kitchen or narrow gap. 

And it's a water purification method using water pressure, so there's no electric wire, so the installation space is free.

Our products, made by simply folding metal plates, go well with modular furniture, especially metal furniture, and you can feel vintage charm over time. 

And it minimizes unnecessary decorations to create a modern atmosphere while making efficient use of space. The tray on the top of the product is designed to place frequently used cups or medicine bottles.

The water purifier filter is designed to lock simply but firmly by utilizing the features of the molding rather than the complex locking structure. We thought of eco-friendliness by applying laser marking instead of label to filter.

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